So Long, Goodnight

So Long, Goodnight is a premier Emo cover band bringing you all the hits from the early 00’s.

Sara Hickman

Texas-based singer-songwriter Sara Hickman has been recording, performing, and touring since 1988.

Through broad television and radio exposure, massive touring, over 20 albums, a successful career – including hosting VH-1 shows, two appearances on the Tonight Show, Carnegie Hall and multiple awards for her songwriting and philanthropy, Hickman is internationally known for her Grammy-nominated and award-winning pop/folk music. Through her music, she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multitude of non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, SAFE, SPCA, the Uganda Fistula Fund, House the Homeless, Sanford Community Center, Tanner Romanian Mission, Hill Country Youth Ranch and many others.

Hickman has acted in films and on stage, sings on national commercials (Daisy Sour Cream, Popeye’s, Walmart), licenses and distributes her own music catalogue, teaches classes on songwriting, creativity, the music industry, and enjoys being an inspirational speaker. She was the National Ambassador for Half Price Books.


SKYLAND is an eclectic acoustic band based in Dallas, Texas. After making music under the name 5 Second Rule for 15 years, we are reaching out to new audiences with fresh concert experiences filled with original songs and fresh approaches to traditional tunes.

We fill the air with toe-tapping fiddle tunes and heartfelt original songs influenced by traditional Celtic and modern Roots Music.

Band Members:

  • Kat Glaze – Kat is an accomplished violinist in high demand as a pit musician, recording artist, and solo/stage performer throughout the DFW metroplex.
  • Ian Gill – Ian is Assistant Director of Music at First United Methodist Church Richardson and conducts the Richardson Community Chorale.
  • David Lovrien – David is a composer, arranger, and music publisher. He is a member of the Grammy-nominated Dallas Winds and freelances as a jazz, rock, and classical saxophonist.
  • Paul Dryer – Paul has played in jazz, bluegrass, rock and gospel bands for over 40 years. Originally from Kentucky, Paul has lived in the Dallas area since the early 1960′s.
  • Rick Holt – Rick’s unique and diverse musical style includes the African djembe, Irish bodhrán, Latin cajón & other percussion instruments. He has a degree in Music Education from Troy University.


Scotty Isaacs

Mixing British/Euro-Rock and Indie-Pop, Scotty Isaacs (as the front man for the band, Traveler) developed a sound defining the genre of “Dream Rock”.

With the release of their debut EP in May 2005, and a full length live album in June 2006, Traveler gained tremendous exposure throughout their home region in the South (TX, OK, AR, LA), and in New York after being named “Best Pop/Rock Band” and one of six named “Best of the Best Bands” at the 2005 New York Film and Music Festival.

Scotty relocated to Dallas,TX in 2009 after taking time away from performing to write, restructure and prepare for the transition from Traveler to performing under, Scotty Isaacs. Scotty recently recorded the single, “I Would”, with Grammy Award winning recording engineer and Centro-matic drummer, Matt Pence.

The single was co-produced by Mark Pirro, bass player for The Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy. The single, “I Would”, will be part of an upcoming album due to release in 2011. In the meantime, Scotty will be performing select acoustic shows throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Super Kilo

Super Kilo Plays your favorite hits of the 80’s through today. R&B, Hip Hop, Indie, Alternative, New Wave, and more. The power trio resurrects songs with fresh originality and fully modern arrangements, covering everything from Hip Hop and Rap to Alternative and Indie Rock.

Shake Russell

For more than 50 years, Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell has been entertaining audiences throughout the region and all over the United States with his unique Americana style of folk rock.  Weaving sophisticated harmonies through his songs and drawing from various genres, Shake created a style of folk-rock that is uniquely his own.

A prolific songwriter, Shake has written or co-written hundreds of melodies. His songs and albums have frequented the Billboard charts, with many including “You’ve Got a Lover” (Ricky Skaggs), “Deep in the West” (Waylon Jennings/Jessi Colter), “Put Yourself in My Shoes,” “One More Payment,” “Our Kind of Love,” “You Don’t Need Me Now” (Clint Black), “You Wouldn’t Know Me” (Miranda Lambert), “The Dare of an Angel” (Jerry Jeff Walker), “The Girl Just Loves to Dance” (Gary P Nunn), and more.

Shake is a two-time recipient of the BMI Millionaire Aware and a four-time recipient of the BMI Writers Award. The Texas Music Association has also awarded him Entertainer of the Year as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2016, Shake was inducted by The Austin Songwriters Association into the Music Legends Hall of Fame.

Soulful Soundz Party Band

Soulful Sounds Party Band is from Dallas, Tx. Their music is good for the soul and the band performs R&B and Old School music.
The band members:
CEO and Band Leader – Aaron Weaver
Bass – Joseph McGowan
Drums – Tyrus Graham
Lead Vocalists – Kenosha White
Lead Vocalists – Vocalist Marcus Kidd

Soul Grooves Live Band

Soul Grooves is a live cover band based in Shreveport, LA. We provide a variety of genres including R&B, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Neo-Soul.

Summer Lane Emerson

Summer Emerson is a local artist based out of Fort Worth TX. Through Dabbling in the arts of Photography and Comedy, While Pursuing her Career in Music. By far the strangest artist you may meet in the DFW area.

Seth James

One listen to James’ new album Different Hat proves the answer is implicitly––resoundingly––yes.

“A lot of those songs sounded like they were from people who worked hard,” says James of the blues he found as a kid in the middle of the Texas plains. “I was just a long way from anything. But the language was simple and romantic in a way that I could understand.”

Music––especially the blues––has a history of jumping through generations, continents, and races, thanks in large part to old roots that are gnarled, broad, and strong enough to bust through crowded city sidewalks––and lonely mesquite-pricked pastures. Working cattle on his family’s ranch in King County, James wasn’t inundated with pop culture like other 90s teenagers. He was isolated, and if he wanted music, he’d have to dig. “There’s not a radio on a horse,” James says with a soft laugh. “I was musical, but the music didn’t seem like it was everywhere. I was always hunting for it.”

James found Muddy Waters and Lightnin’ Hopkins––then Booker T. & the MGs, NRBQ, Delbert McClinton, and ultimately, a sound entirely his own. A couple of decades ago, he emerged with an easy voice that can croon and soul-shout, campfire storytelling chops, and moody, virtuosic electric guitar playing capable of blistering rides, New Orleans drama, and roadhouse funk. His new album, Different Hat, puts all of that and more on confident display. Produced by Kevin McKendree, the record runs wry country folk, organ-soused trios, and more Americana riches through an unapologetic blues filter. Recorded live with ace players, Different Hat also firmly cements James’ place as a preeminent torch bearer, still influenced by what shaped him as a kid. “There was nobody there to stifle me or tell me not to listen to this or that,” James remembers. “It was always just about the way it made me feel.”

A large grassroots following has been hip to James for years. His 2009 solo record That Kind of Man brought next-level acclaim. The next year, James co-founded roots rock group The Departed with friend Cody Canada. Three years and two albums later, James returned to his solo career simply because he missed playing the own sound he’d worked so hard to find. The miles logged and music played have led James to an important place. “If you just sit and talk to some old cowboy in West Texas, he doesn’t change the way he talks from conversation to conversation,” James says. “It’s the same way with music.” James is who he is––no matter who else is around.

That self-assurance shapes Different Hat. Opening track “Mamarita” saunters with boozy Big Easy energy. Written by Al Anderson, Pat McLaughlin, and Shawn Camp, the song is a buoyant welcome to the album that also sharpens our collective longing to hear music live. James points excitedly to the track’s players. “You can take a song like that and just almost have it right––and it’s terrible,” he says. “It’s really important that the musicians understand the intricacies of that kind of music. There is a lot of stuff happening.”

Every one of the album’s covers reveals more of James’ quiet prowess as an interpreter. His “Ohoopee River Bottom Land” slinks all the way to country funk perfection, while his version of JJ Cale’s “Raising Cain”––a song that’s never been cut by anyone else, including Cale––features Lee Roy Parnell on slide guitar, as well as horns and plenty of swing. James recorded a second Cale song for the album: “Wish I Had Not Said,” enriched by sublime vocals from Jessica Murray––James’ wife––and a sultry groove that nods to Memphis and Muscle Shoals.

James has studied Delbert McClinton for years––and it shows. When McClinton, with whom James has also toured, suggested James cut his song, “Solid Gold Plated Fool,” James didn’t hesitate. “It’s been an anthem for me most of my life,” James says of the song. “I don’t run around seeking approval because I’ve learned that’s scary and just not a healthy thing to do, but when you get that kind of nod from him, it does mean a lot.”

Listeners won’t hear James’ signature guitar on the powerful closing track “Real Bad Deal,”––only his smooth vocals, backed by sparse drums and keys. It is the first time James has ever not played guitar on one of his recordings. “Sometimes it’s all about space,” James says. “The space is huge, and it can be scary, especially if you’re a guitar player. If the song requires you to have a bombastic moment of, ‘Hey, I play guitar, and you better look out,’ then that’s great. But if the space is more beneficial for the song, the space wins. This song is a prime example of that.”

“Gettin’ It On” takes a bad divorce and makes it funky, while “He Don’t Love You” channels Motown swagger. With crisp high-hat taps and a chorus of keys and horns, “Pleasing Linda Lou” is James’ addition to Fort Worth blues folklore, while “Burn It Down” takes a joy ride through a hard-driving beat with a growling guitar.

Two standout tracks are intricate story songs penned by James. With horns and keys leading the supporting cast, “Big Trouble” is a mostly true tribute to an underground Texas guitar great. “Moonpies” is a stunning vocal showcase packed with clever lines and vivid pictures. James planned to finish the song with McClinton, and the two texted back and forth about it. “Finally, Delbert said, ‘You know, I think it’s done––I might change this one little line here,’” James remembers. “So when it came time to put the record out, I reached out to him about his publishing information, and he said, ‘You’re out of your mind.’ So, according to Delbert, I wrote the song by myself.” James laughs, then adds, “It’s a fun song––and pretty bizarre, musically. It’s kind of half Howlin’ Wolf, half Burt Bacharach.”

In the trippy and forlorn “World Full of Strangers,” James tackles the isolation of the last year. Instead of burrowing into quarantine blues or pandemic fear, the song looks outside to acknowledge the shared experience of trying to find familiarity again. “You can see somebody that you know very well, but you haven’t seen them in nine months, and all of a sudden, they feel like strangers,” James says. “It’s just felt like everybody got put in the corner. To me, that’s the most dangerous thing to come out of all this.”

James has spent his life discovering and proving what music can do, not just artistically, but when it comes to something as ordinary and universal as Saturday night. “I don’t want to do a good job so that I can be successful and sell more records,” James says. “Don’t get me wrong––that would be great, too. But that moment where everyone is together, their glasses cheers-ing while they shake off the blues a little bit––I want to be part of that.”

Stoney LaRue

Over a nearly 20-year career, the Lone Star-born and Oklahoma-raised LaRue has transformed himself into an unlikely Renaissance man. He is a deft songwriter, informed traveler, and self-aware philosopher, a troubadour who converses just as easily about Indian yogis and gurus as he does about Texas barbecue and dance halls. LaRue highlights all facets of his complex persona on the inspiring new album Onward.

Shania Twang Tribute

This band is a celebration of the iconic country music star, Shania Twain, and performs her songs we all know and love.

Summer Soundz

Summer Soundz performs hip-hop and R&B music for live audiences in Lewisville!

Sunday Wreckers

Sunday Wreckers is an amazing local country band packed with talent. See them perform live right here in Lewisville!

Sophia Annello

Sophia Annello plays and writes pop/indie music as well as plays guitar, ukulele, and piano. Sophia has been writing music since the age of 13. All those years in the game have allowed Sophia to gain extensive touring experience and connect with fans at a young age. She has performed at countless venues around the US, such as House of Blues, Eight11 place, The Rustic, The Lexus Legacy Box Garden, Bottled In Bond, Checkered Past Winery, and the Cox Playhouse, the Frisco Railyard, and many more.

Sophia’s incredible talent has landed her on NPR’s 20 under 20 list and high-profile opportunities like a live TV performance on Fox 4. Her infectious track “Falling” took off like wildfire on TikTok and has accumulated over 60 million views on the platform. Now a student at Berklee School of Music, Sophia is working diligently to add a full-length album to her burgeoning discography in 2021.

Shake Anderson

Sam ‘Shake’ Anderson can’t be boxed neatly into only one genre. To do that, you’d miss the point. Real life isn’t neat, and certainly isn’t predictable.  Shake is nothing if not real. His lyrics tell more than just his story. They tell your story. Shake develops melodies that provoke emotion, using vocals and instrumentation that elicit a raw edginess.

Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Producer. Real.


SolShifter is a local band made up of ex-Toadies & Pimpadelic members, making original music

Selling the Drama

Selling the Drama is a Dallas, TX-based tribute to the band LIVE!

Shay on Sax

As a trained saxophonist and vocalist Shayla Logan’s career in music navigates through an array of experiences. Shayla is also known as “Shay on Sax”.

Shayla was born under a lineage of musicians as she recalls, stories of her grandfather playing alongside the great moguls of jazz such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Nat King Cole. Shayla’s largest influence growing up was her mother and father both vocalists and musicians.

While in her early saxophone studies Shayla placed honors in All-State music competitions. Shayla also sang in church and school choirs while participating in musicals and theater shows. She was later awarded performance scholarships to attend her local Community College and Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shayla’s college studies include music history, theory, composition, orchestration, and performance. With minor studies in education, Shayla has been mentoring/teaching young and upcoming musicians throughout her career.

As a professional performing artist Shayla has performed throughout the United States with and for a number of noteworthy artists/friends. Shayla not only manages her own bands but also has worked as a freelance saxophonist/vocalist, held musicians residency on Bourbon Street of New Orleans, and been a featured soloist in community symphonic orchestras.

Shayla’s captivating stage presence pierces through the souls of her audiences with every passionate performance. Shayla has a rich and sonorous tone that resonates through her melodic phrasing style. Shayla continues her career in pursuit of sharing her triumphant journey through this space and time while documenting her truth through music.

Seth Johnston

Born and raised in McKinney, Texas, Seth Johnston performs live music for events such as weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, worship gatherings, and more. Seth swings to jazz music, loves the blues, and covers a variety of genres for audiences all over DFW. See him perform right here in Lewisville!

Shelley Laine

Singer/songwriter Shelley Laine loves to meet a challenge and nowhere is her strong-willed, independent spirit more evident than in the picking up, moving on, and doing better refrain of That Girl Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the first single off her CD, Back to Austin. In fact, the message at the core of the entire project is one of individualism and personal strength, not surprisingly, reflections of Shelley’s personal philosophy. Her timely Born Again American track tells the story of a woman who discovers the American Dream and pulls herself up from poverty.

Laine cites a wide variety of musical influences, from Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, and Karen Carpenter, to The Judds, Bonnie Raitt, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Shelley began songwriting at 16 and went on to perform at fairs and charity events. Behind the scenes, she put together a home-brewed CD which, as luck would have it, made its way to veteran promotions/marketing executive Ed Spacek (The Dixie Chicks, Tanya Tucker, LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson). Spacek was so impressed with Laine that he approached producer/engineer Eric Paul (Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Wylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver) about working with Shelley. The two teamed up to produce her debut CD, Skipping Stones. The CD showcased Shelley effortlessly transitioning between country, gospel, blues, and rock, and introduced an extraordinary new talent to the world of country music.

“I love music and my hope is that listeners will identify with these songs to a point that they are inspired to make a difference to those around them,” says Shelley. “…that connection is what music is all about and, as an artist, striking the universal chord that brings so many people together is truly a blessing.”

Stuck in the Middle

With this group’s combined experience playing blues, country, and rock in various bands and projects over the years, they can bring the party to any venue! Stuck in the Middle performs a special mix of songs and genres that will have the audiences tapping their toes, dancing, and singing along in no time.


Stephanie Urbina Jones & The Honky Tonk Mariachis

Blazing trails from Texas to Mexico, Stephanie Urbina Jones and her history-making Honky Tonk Mariachis are telling a new story in American music, blowing hearts and minds wide open with their mix of classic country rock with a twang and the intoxicating, joy-filled sounds of Mexico. This new style fondly called ‘country music with chili peppers’ is inspiring and building bridges between worlds. From the first gritos to the last yee haws, from the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry to the two-stepping dance halls of Texas to festivals around the world, Jones and her fiesta platter of love (percussion, trumpets, violins, vihuelas, guitarróns, guitars y mas) are sharing culture, stories, and songs that bring people together. Stephanie tours internationally, having performed in fourteen countries, and is a Kerrville New Folk Finalist, #1 Texas Country Artist, and #1 Billboard Country Songwriter.

Steve Wilson

Steve’s alternative sound is entertaining audiences in and around the Lewisville area!

Saving Yesterday

Saving Yesterday performs rock songs from the ’70s and ’80s, and covers select country songs we all know and love.

Southern Glory

Southern glory is a Sothern Rock Band and a tribute to the Southern Rock genre including anything affiliated with Southern music and Southern Artist.

Sunshine Emery

Sunshine is an amazingly talented acoustic country music artist. She has been recognized and honored for her musical talents and community work in the DFW area and has been featured in two local magazines.

Summer Dean

Country Music Singer/Songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas


Incubus tribute band

  • Vocals- James Allman
  • DJ- Patrick Wallace
  • Guitar- Nick Rodriguez
  • Bass- Frank Wooten Groove
  • Percussionist- Fred Escobedo

September Moon

September Moon is a lively vocal harmony-centered band that creatively blends country, folk, rock, Red Dirt, and Americana into one unique sound. The band prides itself in delivering very high-energy shows and impressing audiences with their tight three-part harmonies, alternating lead vocals, and catchy melodies. Their first two singles, Abilene and You Know Who You Are, charted within the top 50 on the Billboard-recognized Texas Regional Radio Report, and they are proud to be 2021 nominees for New Duo/Group/Band of the year. Known for connecting with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, September Moon has opened for A-list acts like Randy Rodgers, Sawyer Brown, and Neil McCoy. The band released a new single Breaking Up A Heart in February 2021.

Band Members

  • Vocals/Guitar — Daniel Wayne Brown
  • Vocals, Guitar, Ukelele + Harmonica — Katherine Brown
  • Lead Guitar/Vocals — PJ West
  • Bass — Mo Stevens
  • Drums — Marc Mirelez


Justin Ross and Johnny Cooper come together to take stages all over Texas. These good friends make an amazing duo and perform country, rock, blues, and more!

Sundance Head

Throughout the course of his career Sundance Head has written and recorded with the likes of ZZ Top, been a top finisher on not one, but two major network talent competitions, had three Number 1 songs on the Texas Music charts, has been singing his entire life and toured with some of the top artists in the business. But his latest accomplishment, his brand new album, “Stained Glass and Neon”, produced by iconic songwriter and artist Dean Dillon, may just be his most outstanding achievement yet.

Shelby Ballenger

Shelby Ballenger is a singer/songwriter from Princeton, Texas. Her two newest song releases were featured on 99.5 The Wolf and 95.3 The Range! She tells her life lessons and stories through her songs and performs often in local bars, restaurants, and venues. To share a few accomplishments, Shelby has opened for Jason Boland, Lee Ann Womack, and has performed on the Billy Bob’s Texas stage. Her newest single, “Girls Night Out”, launched July 12, 2020, is now available on all social platforms!

Soul Sensations Band

Soul Sensations Band is a group of seasoned musicians who love to perform rock, blues, and dance-worthy tunes!

Southern Chaos

Southern Chaos is a group of musicians that has been playing together for many years. Mixing styles and ideas, making unique and hard-hitting rock music.
Band Members
  • Kelly Purdum – vocal
  • Coby Denham – drums
  • Earnie Skaats – guitar
  • Clint Hamerman – bass

Second Hand News

Second Hand News, a Cover Band named after a Fleetwood Mac classic, plays songs from ’70s artists such as Jim Croce, Eagles, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

Shannon Sharp

Shannon Sharp, a member of Double Vision, Rok-Z, and Graceland Ninjas, is a multi-instrumentalist and local rock musician. His primary interests are 7-string Guitars, 6-string Basses, Drums & Sax, Piano, & various woodwinds & brass.


Gary Meleski, the freelance musician behind Stripmind, plays all instruments has a deep passion for his career and rock-metal music. Being a talented artist, collaborator, producer, and studio owner, Gary can put on a show!

Serenata Strings

This group is proficient in diverse musical styles ranging from classical, contemporary Christian, traditional Jewish to Broadway, pop, rock, country, and jazz.

Summer Lane

Musical Talent: Summer Lane Emerson is a singer-songwriter based out of Fort Worth, TX.  Emerson is known for her extensive vocal range, powerful voice, and comedic approach to her audience.

From her yodeling to her eeriest songs, Emerson is sure to impress the crowd. The 2019 nominee for best female vocalist and new artist for the FWMA was named “A folk songstress“ by Fort Worth Weekly.

Sojourn Live

Sojourn Live, an award-winning group, brings fun live music to any event. Favorites of the ’70s through today performed with an acoustic duo and a keyboard.

Band Members

  • Gary Brown- Acoustic guitar, Vocals
  • Jerry Ashton- Acoustic guitar, Keys, Vocals

So In Love

The official tribute band for Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark based in Dallas, TX.

Summer of 69

Summer of ’69 is the Premier DFW based tribute to the music of Bryan Adams.
  • Rusty Hall- Vocals, guitar
  • Gary Grant- Lead Guitar, vocals
  • Brian McKenna- Drums
  • Ross Townsley- Keyboards, vocals
  • John Grigsby- Bass, vocals

Sync 182

Sync 182 is the ultimate ’90s tribute band! This group plays all your favorites from artists like Blink-182, Green Day, Weezer, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears, and more!

Sable Breeze

Sable Breeze is a singer-songwriter from Flower Mound, Texas. Growing up listening to genres such as folk, pop, country, and classic rock has molded her into the mellow-pop artist she is today. With original songs on the ukulele, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, her shows are not ones you want to miss!

Sunny Sweeney

Sunny Sweeney is the party and the morning after. She’s the quip that makes you laugh and the truth that makes you cry, the devil that’s egging you on and the angel whispering that you aren’t alone. But those compelling contradictions aren’t what’s most interesting about Sweeney: it’s the depth and brazen authenticity she brings to all her roles that grabs you and won’t let go.

“I’ve grown up doing the bar scenes, and you have to have drinking and partying songs there-you have to,” Sweeney says. “Now, my songs are still about the same things, but I feel like they’re more mature versions.”

Sweeney’s salty wisdom and Texas-hewn soprano have never sounded stronger than they do on Trophy, her anticipated new album. Sunny Sweeney’s wit and honesty have always defined her stone-cold country have blossomed into confessional, complex songwriting for grown-ups, still whiskey-drenched and honk-tonk-ready. Drugs, death, the ex-wife, drinking, devotion, and longing for a child: it’s all here, raw and real.

Swoondust: Sophia & Stephanie

Sophia met Stephanie in 2016 when Stephanie was an established teacher of guitar and vocals. She and Sophia’s voices meshed perfectly! Stephanie performs regularly in solo acoustic shows and is the bassist for Flintlock Gypsy. Sophia has a love for music and the arts and has been active in countless musicals, plays, and performances.

In the fall of 2018, Sophia and Stephanie decided to perform together to a receptive audience of family and friends at The Perc Coffeeshop in Old Town Lewisville. Since then, they’ve received requests to play at several coffeehouses, restaurants, and local hot spots that support live music.

Septien Entertainment Group

Septien features a team of hand-picked coaches with the highest degree of skill and artistry. All instructors are certified by Linda Septien and are taught The Septien Method™- Linda’s personal method of vocal & performance instruction. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons in voice, piano, guitar, drums, stage presence, songwriting, song production, rap and DJ’ing. All ages. All performance levels.

Straight Tequila Night

Dallas’s premiere 90’s country tribute band, playing all your favorite hits from 90’s country radio.

Band Members

  • “Scarlett O’Tara” Cesario
  • Chris “Hamm Fist” Kinsey
  • Christian “Tumbleweed” Rios
  • Ryan “Buffalo Sack” Thomas
  • Tim “Krav McGraw” Ziegler
  • Tony “Diamond” Rios

Sam Baker

Sam draws music from a wide spectrum of genres: Country, Folk, Light Rock, and of course a few Show Tunes are thrown in for good measure.

This Lone Star Sound performer likes to pepper his show with audience participation and engagement, so be on your toes and be ready to be thoroughly entertained!

Sassafras Swing Set

Sassafras Swing Set plays a mix of dixieland, gypsy jazz, hot jazz, blues, and a little bit of western swing. Hear the band cover songs from the 1920′s and 30′s, with a sprinkle of outliers and originals.

Band Members

  • “Red Dread” Dave Burris – guitar
  • Chris Curiel – trumpet player
  • Mark Deffebach – upright bass
  • Jeremy Hull – upright bass
  • Andrew Nordan – drums
  • Stefanie Pepping – lead vocals + banjo

Shiva’s Headband

Shiva’s Headband was founded in 1967 and was the first local Austin band to sign a contract with major label, Capitol Records, and 1st to nationally release an Indi album.


Sarah Jaffe

When it came time to put the focus on her own work, Jaffe turned to an inner circle of musicians who helped shape what was forming and lend their influence and perspective. Produced by Matt Pence with co-producing credits from Jaffe and Scott Soller (Okkervil River, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice), the songs on Bad Baby reflect the range of influences Jaffe has been drawing from of late, condensing them into her smartest and most effervescent output so far.

Shemekia Copeland

Shemekia Copeland never holds back. Her instantly recognizable voice—capable of being sultry, assertive and roaring—delivers every song with unparalleled honesty and passion. Her wide-open vision of contemporary Americana roots and soul music showcases the evolution of a passionate artist with an up-to-the-minute musical and lyrical approach.

Son Yemaya

Son Yemaya is a 5 piece Latin Band from Dallas, Texas that plays a wide variety of tropical, Caribbean, and South American Latin rhythms.

Storm Front

This Classic Rock band is performing hits and deep cuts from the 60’s – 90’s.

Band members

  • Buck Buchanan – Guitar, Vocals, harmonica
  • Ed Patterson – Drums, Vocals, percussion
  • Bruce Dyson – Bass, Vocals, Guitar
  • John Lanius – Keyboard, Vocals, Bass

Song Dynasty

Song Dynasty is a collaborative project between Taiwanese vocalist Li Liu and a collective of North American musicians that combines elements of western music with Chinese lyrics.

Band members

  • Li Liu – Lead Singer
  • Daniel Porter – Keyboards
  • Kevin Swaim – Trumpet and Arranger
  • Kenny Davis – Trombone
  • Julian Sutherland – Saxophone
  • Pepe Valdez – Nylon String Guitar
  • Dave Farrell – Bass
  • Jonny Harmon – Drum
  • Joy Harris-Silmon – Voice
  • Dorcas Kemi Oladimeji – Voice
  • Darian Brooks – Voice

Sam or I

Sam Salazar and Robbie Hague are an acoustic duo bringing a fun twist to all the alternative acoustic rock songs you love!

Silent Rumor

Silent Rumor is known for their 4 hour shows. They put a twist on some of their favorite tunes from the Rock N Roll Archives. It is not uncommon to hear songs from The Black Crowes to the Man in Black; Elvis Presley to Led Zeppelin; REM to STP to ZZ Top and everything in between. They go out of their way to provide a wide variety of music to put smiles on faces and keep the good times rolling.


Band Members

  • Brendonian – Lead Vocals, Bass
  • Nate – Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Augie – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • Shane – Drums, Vocals

Snakeskin Cowboys

This DFW band is a passionate tribute to the Music and Live Experience of Ted Nugent & Derek St Holmes.

Band Members

  • Jimmy Adcock – Guitar & Vocals
  • Vince Cleamons – Vocals & Guitar
  • Bruce Benke – Bass
  • Christian Meyer – Drums

South City Mojo

South City Mojo is a Rock, Blues, & Country cover band from Dallas, Texas. You don’t want to miss their extraordinary performances while they’re in Lewisville!

Band Members

  • Owen Franklin – Guitar/Vocals
  • Billy King – Bass/vocals
  • Jon Green – Drums
  • Troy Stultz – Keys


Stonehenge is a tribute to the entire genre of Hard Rock and Metal.

Sweet Revenge

See Sweet Revenge live in Lewisville for an amazing performance filled with classic rock, pop, country, dance, and blues!

Band Members

  • Kim Sigler-Vocals
  • Chris Mitchell- Guitar / Vocals
  • Will Huebner – Drums
  • Eric Daino-Bass / Vocals

Silas Nello

Silas Nello, a very tallented music artists, weaves the spirit of conversation in his music. Half rock and roll, half folk – Silas blends the domestic dialogue with frustration, creating captivating music that was made for you.


Schism was formed in June 2001 after the band saw Tool perform at Madison Square Garden in New York. They have become world’s first and longest touring tribute to Tool, and they are coming to Lewisville, Texas!

Band Members

  • Keith Williams-Guitar
  • Angelo Rivera-Vocals
  • Sean Murray-Bass
  • Donald Pusateri-Drums

Sunset Strip

A Rockin’ Tribute To 80’s Hair Metal!

Band Members
  • Ron Rose – Vocals
  • Lightning Ryan – Guitar
  • Rob Dog – Bass
  • Carter – Drums


Sanluis, is definitely a duo that writes sincere songs that surprise and thrill, that portray with simplicity, humor, drama and good taste situations that have rarely been sung. These are probably the keys to why the Spanish-speaking public has smiled on them so much.

Swan Song

Swan Song is the longest-running live Led Zeppelin tribute act in the southern United States, bringing back all of the original band’s tricks and tools with surprising accuracy. Close your eyes and you’ll be beamed back in time with the incredible replication of Led Zeppelin’s music. From the loud guitars and screaming theremin in “Whole Lotta Love” to the bow-playing wizardry of “Dazed And Confused” to the soft-and-sweet acoustics of “That’s The Way,” there’s nothing like experiencing the music of Led Zeppelin performed live the way only Swan Song can.

Scarlett Deering

A Southern girl at heart, the Texas-born violinist starting training at the age of three and completed her professional music degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.


Superglide Band is a 4-piece guitar rock band based out of Dallas, TX. They play everyone’s favorite rock songs from the ’60s to today, including the oldies, classics, top country, alternative, and grunge!

Band Members

  • Danny – Guitar
  • Douggie – Guitar
  • Kurt – Bass
  • Doug (Iceman) – Drums

Shelton Enlow

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Bass player
  • Guitar player
  • Cover Artist

Shot of Benatar

Shot of Benatar is Texas’ premier Pat Benatar Tribute band.


Welcome Ramones fans to SEDATED (The World’s Greatest) Tribute band to the Ramones.

Sonic Temple

Sonic Temple is a Dallas based tribute to the music of The Cult!

Southern Brave

Brand new original red dirt country music, born and bred south of the Red River.

Studio 54 Band

Studio 54 Band is one of the hottest and most extraordinary Dance bands in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. With roots, and influences that flow through the days of Motown, Disco, Funk, R&B, Pop, and all the way into today’s hottest dance hits.

Sparky Montoya

See Sparky Montoya play the piano live in Lewisville!

Squeezebox Bandits

Squeezebox Bandits are based out of Fort Worth, TX. They have a fused sound of music. It’s Texmex Zydeco, with some Old Honky Tonk, with some Texas Blues!

Sammy E

Originally from Colombia, South America, Sam E. brings a love of music from Aerosmith, Carlos Santana, Coldplay, Eagles, Rush, Marc Anthony, Restless Heart, Rolling Stones, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback and Tom Petty.

Sarah Hobbs Band

Sarah Hobbs is the sound of old school traditional country with a little bit of modern twist. As an independent artist from Northeast Texas, she writes her own songs from the life experiences she’s had, both good and bad, so when she sings, you can guarantee its from the heart.


Saliva has toured the USA and world with bands including (but not limited to), Sevendust, Aerosmith, and KISS. They’ve also appeared on the main stage at countless fairs, festivals and bike rallies!

Seeing Red

We are 3 Chevelle fans, from the DFW area, that just wanted to play a set of music that absolutely jams. Seeing Red is here, it’s time to get down.

Season Showcase

Featuring the music of Rock 101, Garage Rock, AC/DC, Rage vs Chili Peppers, American Heartland, Heavy Metal Adult Band, a Teacher Showcase, and the House Band.

Soul Sacrifice

SOUL SACRIFICE – A Tribute to Santana, based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Simone Nicole

The stirring, soulful voice of Dallas/Fort Worth independent singer and songwriter Simone Nicole moves beyond “happy” or “sad” and illuminates a broad range of emotion for her listeners.

Secret of Boris

Secret Of Boris has emerged from the Dallas, Texas music scene with a uniquely heavy yet hauntingly beautiful hard-rock sound. “An infectious blend of catchy hooks, snappy rhythms and aggressive riffage… heavy music’s weighty crunch and even sugary 80’s pop… one of Dallas’ most promising talents,” says Jerry Rutherford of LIT Monthly.

Shocker Boys

Shocker Boys bringing you all the glam metal and pop metal you can handle since the mid 80s. Mötley Crüe, Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Rick James, The Gap Band, Rock Sugar, Steel Panther, Journey, and many more. Hell we’ll even play some Madonna! You’ll lose your minds when you check out our 80s rock show complete with spandex, guyliner, hairspray and one hell of a light show.