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Sara Hickman

Texas-based singer-songwriter Sara Hickman has been recording, performing, and touring since 1988.

Through broad television and radio exposure, massive touring, over 20 albums, a successful career – including hosting VH-1 shows, two appearances on the Tonight Show, Carnegie Hall and multiple awards for her songwriting and philanthropy, Hickman is internationally known for her Grammy-nominated and award-winning pop/folk music. Through her music, she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multitude of non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, SAFE, SPCA, the Uganda Fistula Fund, House the Homeless, Sanford Community Center, Tanner Romanian Mission, Hill Country Youth Ranch and many others.

Hickman has acted in films and on stage, sings on national commercials (Daisy Sour Cream, Popeye’s, Walmart), licenses and distributes her own music catalogue, teaches classes on songwriting, creativity, the music industry, and enjoys being an inspirational speaker. She was the National Ambassador for Half Price Books.