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Troublesome County

Enjoy music from Troublesome County and whiskey the way you like it. Neat, on the rocks, with a mixer, in a cocktail… your choice.
Get it the BENDT way.

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About the Artist:

Originating from Lubbock Texas, Troublesome County is making their own path through the Texas Country genre. By blending multiple genres, including alternative rock, red dirt, and classic country, the band has spent the last couple of years creating a sound unique to them.

They released their first EP in October of 2021, and have been seen playing all across west Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and North Texas since their recent relocation to the Fort Worth area, even playing legendary venues such as The Blue Light in Lubbock. They’re currently writing and recording their first album, which will bring their unique outside-the-box alternative country sound to light.

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