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Steve Obermiller at Bendt Distilling Co.

See Steve perform live and drink some whiskey the BENDT way!

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About the Artist:

Fort Worth, Texas songwriters Hilary Tipps and Steve Obermiller to fall in love and start their lives together. But it was a decade of trying to create life, deal with death and build careers before they wrote their first songs together. 

“First” is a debut album that bursts open a dream deferred. It is a collection of songs with equal parts contemplation, wisdom and simple fun.

Though you might call them Folk or Americana, Hilary Tipps and Steve Obermiller are not genre-specific songwriters. Just as they write about every aspect of life and living, they use every style of music to suit the song at hand. In doing so, they have created an album that takes the listener on a joyous ride: never predictable and worthy of playlist after playlist.

As for live, whether performing in intimate listening rooms or on festival stages, they bring a connection of energy and charm unique to a couple dedicated to each other, their music and their audience.

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