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Derian Ramsey at Coral Reef Coffee Co.

Drink your favorite rich and delicious handcrafted coffee while you enjoy live music from Derian Ramsey!

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About the Artist:

Derian’s music is part therapy, & part outreach. Whether it’s classic rock, country, emo, pop-punk, or broadway show tunes, Derian’s vocal & ukulele arrangements make songs seem more personal & intimate. He is constantly exploring new styles and genres and has become notorious for scrapping setlists as he steps to the mic because he learned some new songs while waiting to go on stage. “Music is my therapy… I just play what I feel.”

Derian learned to play Saxophone in the junior high band and soon began experimenting with strings and keys. It didn’t take long to realize he had a gift for learning new instruments, so he began contemplating a career in music, but the tragic death of a friend altered the path he would take to reach that goal. Derian and his best friend, “Gomez”, started a suicide hotline for their classmates (unknown to their school or parents), but the stress of that responsibility took a toll on their own mental health. Derian has suffered from severe depression and anxiety for several years, and music has played a huge role in his recovery. In August 2019, Derian’s family and friends created The Lost & Found Initiative, a mental health non-profit using music and other art forms to promote suicide awareness and help individuals and their families find the mental health resources they need.

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