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Bryce Cole at Prairie House Restaurant

Bryce Cole is back at Prairie House, see him live!

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About the Artist:

Bryce Cole is an artist based out of Denton, TX, by way of Nashville, TN. With a focus on what is true and authentic, Bryce reaches deep into his soul to convey the emotions and honesty that birthed songs like Bravely, and the others that are to follow.

Through a long journey of life marked with milestones of grace and pain, heartache and hope, held together by a string of faith, each song is a glimpse into what follows after love… after loss, and living in what remains. With swooning choruses and harmonies, elegant guitars and tasteful tones, Bryce Cole (with the help of producer Matt Pence and beautiful musicians/friends) seeks to capture the most important things and bring them into view.

The connection that brings us together and makes the cracks in life sweeter: love. Born out of losing the love of his life to cancer, these are truly songs of reflection. Raw and honest. Painful in parts and beautiful altogether, these are the songs of a man in love. And a man still searching – like we all are – for the answers.

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