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The Selkie Girls

Originally formed in 2013, The Selkie Girls have firmly established themselves as a mainstay in the North Texas folk music scene. With dozens of music and art festivals under their belt, as well as numerous television appearances, the band has toured throughout the States, never failing to captivate audiences with their unique instrumentation, lush harmonies, and dynamic arrangements.

Their debut album, The Parting Glass (2013) has been well-received both critically and commercially, with the title track garnering international attention. For their sophomore effort, Long Time Traveling (2015), the band expanded its sound with more intricate arrangements, further pushing the envelope of contemporary folk music. The lead-off track, “The Gaelic Song,” won the Celtic Radio Music Award for “Best Song of 2015” in the Roots Traditional category. For their third album, The Pirate Queen (2016), the band focused on strong female historical figures, including Grace O’Malley and Princess Louise, and continued to refine their sound, amalgamating more influences—both modern and past—in yet another distinct sonic expression of melody, harmony, and rhythm. All three albums have received rave reviews—from both fans and press alike—and have sold steadily at live shows and online via iTunes and Amazon, with numerous tracks receiving airplay on stations throughout the world.

Band Members

  • Alli Johnson
  • Jaycie Skidmore
  • Dave Ervin
  • Joel Black
  • Martin McCall
  • Linda Mudd