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Mariachi Rosas Divinas

Mariachi Rosas Divinas seems an appropriate name for this divine all female group. Rosas Divinas have broken the mold when it comes to the beloved style of mariachi music. As the first and only all female mariachi in the DFW Metroplex and one of few in the Country, being different is not all that difficult. Lipstick smudges brass mouthpieces, long fingernails work perfectly for strumming guitars and glossy dark hair flows down the back of brightly coordinated outfits. Breaking away from traditional stereotypes, these vivacious women bring life back into a traditional music which began in the small pueblos of 19-century Mexico.

Desiring to perform the mariachi music she played in her hometown of Taos, New Mexico, Director Tabitha Sanchez Barrientos, sought out to find a team of like-minded musicians. “Playing with passion is the most important element when playing mariachi music,” she says ”But a commitment to musical precision is what we strive to be known and respected for.” 

Bringing the heart-felt style of mariachi music with their precise musical execution is what sets these young women apart in a male dominated genre. “It’s musical integrity along with their rich, beautiful sound that makes them like no other mariachi group you’ve heard before,” says Grammy winner and Producer, Pete Orta. “These girls take the time to make everything they do special.” All who see them perform agree that their enthusiasm and musical creativity breaths life into familiar trios, rancheras and traditional boleros. 

“Nothing about this group is typical,” says Louis Constancio, founder of Find A Mariachi. “They are different from anything mainstream but they are also different in the world of mariachi and it’s because each member brings a special element to the group.”

Lead violinist, Karen Gerardo, graduate of Booker T Washington, former member of the Dallas Young Strings and current Principal Violinist with Irving Symphony Orchestra says, “I heard the group and immediately saw the potential for greatness. Here I am 11 years later with a resume I could have only dreamed of at this stage in my career. The opportunities have been absolutely priceless.” From being the first mariachi to ever play in the Gran Caymen Islands to sharing the stage with legends such as Fito Olivares, Graciela Beltran and Ozomatli, Rosas Divinas have been captivating audiences since their very first performance in 2005. 

Opportunities such as these and many others have opened doors they never expected. Month long performances at the State Fair of Texas, a recent week long performances at the WinStar Casino Resort in Oklahoma Texas followed by another week long Mariachi Tour in Chicago Illinois, and still, no one seems to resent the long hours rehearsing and performing. “You work hard to be the group you want to be and when the opportunities come you’ll be ready.” Says Director, Tabitha. Making sacrifices for the music they love is nothing new for these Divine Roses.

Lead Guitar Alexia Quintero played her first gig with the group in 2011 at The House of Blues in Dallas, “I was only supposed to help with a few gigs but here I am 6 years later!” She says. “I continued to perform even while going to Law School and people would worry saying I needed a break. I would explain that performing and making music was part of my break! Yes, it is a lot of work but we always have so much fun together and that’s rejuvenating.”

“That’s the thing about this group,” says Tabitha, “We work hard but we also care deeply for one another, we hang out and talk for hours, sometimes all you hear is laughing. We are like family and you can feel it in our music.” They are proud to be DFW’s first and only all female Mariachi.