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Lover is a Taylor Swift Tribute Band.

Taylor Swift’s unquestionably iconic Eras Tour has become a cultural and economic phenomenon—the highest-grossing tour of all time, domination of news cycles and social media, tributes from governments—and has captured the attention and created obsession in fans and non-fans alike in a way that has never been seen before in the modern era.

After going to the Eras Tour when Taylor Swift came to Dallas, Charity (lead singer of Lover) was so wonderstruck by Taylor’s performance that she felt completely inspired to create an opportunity for more people to be able to experience the Eras Tour. For the countless many who were not able to get tickets, or even for those who were lucky enough to attend the tour, we all still can’t get enough. Swifties have been following every highlight from the Eras Tour like it’s our favorite football team!

When you see Lover live, the hope is that you have an unbelievable Eras Tour experience that you will never forget. Get your tour outfits ready and let’s make the whole place shimmer!