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Jam Trio

Jam trio creates amazing jazz covers for popular classic and modern songs.
Jim Benner – Percussion
  • Jim has played in a variety of bands including a Rush cover band, an original pop band, an original Irish-folk band, and a variety of multi-genre cover bands. Jim loves a wide variety of music but relates mostly to Rush, Toto, and Journey.
Andy Avera – Guitar
  • Andy has been a musician in the North Texas area for decades and has nearly 40 years of musical experience. Working at a local music store for 8 years, he taught music during his high-school and college years. After owning and producing many projects in his commercial recording studio during the mid-’90s, Andy now enjoys composing in his home studio and entertaining live audiences.

Marty Nelson – Trumpet

  • Marty plays with Justin Exit, a classic rock band, and Mr. Hat, a ’90s tribute band. His true passion, however, is jazz. He writes horn arrangements, composes original music and methods for trumpet and band, and owns MRNS Music, a small music publishing business.