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Emmeline Miles

The pint-sized singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX, may represent a musical amalgamation of big words, unconventional chords, and undeniably catchy melodies, but Emmeline’s pedigree is anything but that of a musician.

Emmeline’s extensive classical training is not the only thing that sets her apart from her pop-minded peers.  Her songs reflect an eclectic array of influences—Ani DiFranco, Billy Joel, Stroke 9, Matchbox Twenty, Mariah Carey, and Ace of Base, to name a few—and her clever lyrics convey wisdom far beyond her twenty-five years. Labeled a “piano-centered Joni Mitchell” by Dallas’s revered Ghost of Blind Lemon blog, Emmeline uses her versatile musical palette to explore what Peal calls “the fleeting nature of hope, and substitutions for hope” in stories of everyday life that allow each listener to forge an intense and immediate connection.